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The Last Christmas is the first in a series of books for lower and middle primary school readers – it’s aimed at readers ages 6-10. Older readers will read it themselves, while younger children can have it read to them.

The story is a fantasy adventure that begins in Santa’s village at the North Pole – which is melting and will soon make everyone homeless – and ranges across half the world.

In the story, Vixen, the littlest reindeer, has to face the most evil villain in the world, the despicable billionaire toymaker, Kroolio Snear, and defeat him before she can hope to save Christmas.

But that’s not all. Other strange and marvellous characters you will meet include:

  • A lying, cheating scoundrel called Con Spire, who gets around in the most incredible flying machine.
  • Dasher, Vixen’s best friend, a handsome, brave but clumsy reindeer, he’s always in trouble for accidentally doing illegal magic.
  • Comet, a cranky but brilliant reindeer scientist. No one listens to his dire predictions about the ice melting – until it’s too late.
  • Blitzen, a half-grown reindeer whom no one takes seriously. But he might just save the day.
  • Telver, the age-old leader of Santa’s elves. A thousand years ago he was a great elf lord, but now he is old, bent and fearful, because – the dark is rising again.
  • Feazel, a sad young elf captured by Snear and forced to do his evil bidding.
  • A terrible – and very hungry – killer whale.
  • Old Snarley’s wolf pack, which is determined to hunt Vixen down.
  • A band of polar bears with chainsaws, sawing down Santa’s ice railway bridge.
  • A naughty narwhal.
  • A very rude albatross.
  • A flock of remarkably silly penguins.

Not to mention the vengeful ghost of Grimula, queen of the dark elves of the underground. Grimula is beautiful, charming and thoroughly wicked. And she is out for revenge.

Brace yourself for a very wild ride.


The Story

The ice at the North Pole is melting and Vixen, the smallest reindeer, is afraid.

Santa’s toy workshop will soon fall into the sea, he has nowhere to go, and the elves who make the Christmas toys for him are threatening to leave.They’re terrified of an old enemy, but won’t say who it is, only that the dark is rising again.

Will this be the last Christmas?

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