Vixen is graceful, clever, and the best flier of all the reindeer - she can actually fly without Santa's magic. She longs to be leader but believes she will never get the chance because she's a female, and a little one at that.

After Dasher fails Vixen gets her chance, but before she can become the leader the reindeer need, and try to save Christmas, she must face her deepest fear - the wolf pack that killed her family when she was little.



Dasher, who is destined to be the next leader of the herd, is clumsy and lacks self-confidence, and his recklessness causes his greatest supporters, Santa and Rafe, to doubt him. Dasher denies that the strange things that happen around him have anything to do with magic, which is female reindeers' business.

Yet if he's in danger, uncontrollable magic often bursts out of him, wreaking havoc. Can Dasher overcome all these problems and become the great reindeer he longs to be?

Kroolio Snear

Kroolio Snear

Snear is a rich but evil toymaker who hates Santa because he’s nice to people and gives all the presents away. Snear wants to steal Santa’s good name and take over Christmas so he can sell more of his nasty, violent, robot war toys, and make billions and billions!

Snear is a nasty-looking man. His hair is soot-black and lies so flat that it might have been painted on his bony skull. His face is long and thin, his nose so sharp that he could use it to open envelopes. His chin is a spike, his cheekbones are edged like crystals and he has the teeth of an angry dog. His funny little legs look like lengths of stick. 



A thousand years ago Telver was a great elf lord and a mighty warrior. But after the elves’ mountain home was destroyed in a battle with Grimula, the queen of a rival race of elves, Telver made a pact with Santa. Santa would provide the elves with a secret home at the North Pole, and in return they would make the Christmas toys.

But now the North Pole is doomed and when Telver, a shrunken old elf, discovers that Snear has Grimula’s broken wand, and is trying to get it repaired, fears that she will come back from the dead – for her revenge.



Comet has a scarred face, a wooden front leg and twisted antlers. A brillliant scientist, he has been warning everyone about the melting ice for years – but because he’s rude, cranky and long-winded, people have stopped listening. Yet deep down, Comet has a good heart and he’ll do anything to save his people.

Matilda Claus

Matilda is wise, determined, and a great teacher and mentor. Because Santa is overburdened with getting everything ready for Christmas, Matilda steps forward to coordinate the global warming response and the defence against Snear. But how can a little old lady fight Snear and his army of violent robot toys?


A thousand years ago Grimula was a beautiful elf-queen, but she was robbed of her magic and reduced to a spirit trapped in the broken elven wand that Snear keeps on his desk. Grimula longs to give herself a living body again and take revenge on her enemies, Telver’s elves – but first she has to get her magic back.


Feazel, Snear’s young assistant, is a captured elf, controlled by an iron-silver collar and forced to do Snear’s evil bidding. Feazel is furious about his enslavement, and desperate to go home to his family, but with the collar on he must obey.


Blitzen isn’t fully grown and has no idea what to he wants to do with his life. He reflects the opinions of those around him. The other reindeer, especially Comet, mock him for this. Blitzen has absolute faith in Rafe, and hero-worships Vixen. He’s also brave and ferociously loyal.


She’s big and lanky, a brilliant teacher and great with the young ones, but pig-headed and jealous of her rights and privileges. She furiously defends magic as being female’s business, even though no female reindeer have been able to do it for many years. She is angry with Dasher for doing magic, and Vixen for supporting him, and tries to undermine them both.

Dancer and Prancer

Identical twins, they are rarely found apart. They’re petite, cute and pretty, elegant and graceful, fond of fun but superficial and empty-headed. Nonetheless, when it comes to a crisis there is steel in their hearts. Yet when it comes to a crisis there is steel in their hearts and they can be relied on to do what is best for the herd.


Cupid is a handsome dandy with polished hooves and ringlets in his mane. He’s great fun and good company, but when he gazes into your eyes, he’s really looking at his own reflection there. Nonetheless he’s strong, loyal and brave, fearless in defence of the herd, and a great negotiator.


The leader of the reindeer is big, brave and strong, but the world is changing too quickly for him and, with the North Pole ice melting, he’s out of his depth. He’s old now and longs to retire, but how can he when there’s no leader to succeed him?

Santa Claus

Santa is a tired, worn out old man who is losing his magic, and he doesn't know why. He did not listen to Comet's warnings about the melting ice and now it's too late. Soon the ice at the North Pole will be gone and he, the reindeer and the elves who make all the toys will be homeless.

Santa has no idea what to do - he can't stop the ice melting. He feels terribly guilty, believes that he's letting the children down, and worries that this is the end of Christmas. But with his magic failing, he's helpless.

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