The World of the Elves

History of the Elves

More than a thousand years ago, a magical war broke out between the bright elves led by Albiorix and their ancient enemies the dark elves, under their queen, Grimula. She destroyed the bright elves’ mountain city. In return, they collapsed the roof of the dark elves’ underground home, trapping most of them inside.

Grimula put her people into an enchanted sleep until she could return and get them out, and Albiorix could not allow her to succeed.He robbed her of her magic then broke her wand, so she could neither regain her magic nor save her people. Grimula faded away to an angry ghost. She was bent on revenge but helpless to do anything about it.

After that the bright elves were homeless, and when Albiorix died a thousand years ago, Telver took over. He made a pact with Santa, whose magic was strong in those days. Santa gave the elves a safe, secret home at the North Pole, and in return they made the Christmas toys.

But the world is changing now. Santa is losing his magic, the Polar Ice is Melting … and now the dark is rising again. The elves are very afraid.

Elven Magic

No one really knows where magic comes from. 

Some people think that the elves invented it at the dawn of time. Others say that all magic originally came from an enchanted stone, the Heartstone, found by the dwarves deep in the heart of the world, and that all other magical items were created by touching them to the Heartstone. But if the Heartstone ever existed, it was lost long ago.
Dark rumours hold that the elves got the magic in a different way – by stealing it from the lair of the first and greatest dragon of all, Grogire the Grandiloquent.That’s why dragons, to this day, hate all creatures that walk on two legs, and will devour them if they can.
But wherever magic came from, everyone agrees that there isn’t nearly as much in the world as there used to be. Magic has been dwindling for hundreds of years. Fewer and fewer people can do it, and those who can aren’t nearly as powerful as they used to be. It’s as if the very force that powers magic is going out, like a fire that’s used up all its fuel – and that’s a terrible waste and loss.
Something has to be done to get magic back.

The Story

The ice at the North Pole is melting and Vixen, the smallest reindeer, is afraid.

Santa’s toy workshop will soon fall into the sea, he has nowhere to go, and the elves who make the Christmas toys for him are threatening to leave.They’re terrified of an old enemy, but won’t say who it is, only that the dark is rising again.

Will this be the last Christmas?

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