The Enemy of Christmas

Kroolio Snear did not have an unhappy childhood or cruel parents. His family life was perfectly ordinary but he was born mean and got meaner as he grew up.

Now he’s a rich but evil toymaker who hates Santa because he’s nice to people and gives all the presents away. What a loser! thinks Snear. How dare he!

Snear wants to steal Santa’s good name and take over Christmas so he can sell more of his nasty, violent, robot war toys, and make billions and billions!

But he also has a darker plan. Long ago, in a secret cave, Snear found a broken magic wand. If he gets it repaired by his captured elf, Feazel, Snear will have power over everyone on Earth.

There’s only one catch – there isn’t much magic left in the world, and Feazel doesn’t have enough to repair the wand. There’s only one place Snear can get the magic he needs – by stealing it from Santa!

Snear's Flying Ships

Kroolio Snear is a very lazy man and never walks anywhere he doesn’t have to. Because of this his legs have withered and now look like broomsticks.

Instead, he likes to fly, and his favourite toys are his crazy flying machines. Here are some of them.

The Octocopter – the strangest contraption you’ve ever seen:

Eight propellers, spinning furiously, are attached to a flat metal frame like a whole lot of triangles stuck together. A large brass bell ias suspended from the middle. A dentist’s chair is perched above it. Snear sits in the chair, controlling the octocopter with a big, wobbly wheel.

The Pink Airship:

Snear’s little pink airship has a big pink airbag, roughly the shape of a watermelon, a gold-plated cabin where Snear sits to fly it, a green undercarriage and purple wheels. It has a black satellite dish on top and a barrel at the back, full of Snear’s favourite food, spinach marmalade, which he eats on everything – until the airship gets blown up!

The Blue Ringed Octopus Chopper:

Snear’s best attack craft is a little helicopter shaped like a Blue Ringed Octopus that’s jet propelling itself along. It has skis so it can land on snow and ice and is armed with tranquillizer guns that shoot darts like huge needles – ouch! It has a back seat for Snear’s captured elf, Feazel.

Snear’s Deadly Pets

Kroolio Snear surrounds himself with pets because he can’t stand people – or maybe because people can’t stand him. 

All his pets are deadly – like his little blue-ringed octopus, whose bite causes an agonising death. He also loves vultures, scorpions and the fat, striped Australian snakes called Death Adders, which are among the deadliest snakes in the world. 

Snear loves to play with his pets – it’s almost as though he’s daring them to attack him, though they never do. He also uses them to threaten his enemies, such as Feazel the captured elf, and Dasher the reckless reindeer.

The Story

The ice at the North Pole is melting and Vixen, the smallest reindeer, is afraid.

Santa’s toy workshop will soon fall into the sea, he has nowhere to go, and the elves who make the Christmas toys for him are threatening to leave.They’re terrified of an old enemy, but won’t say who it is, only that the dark is rising again.

Will this be the last Christmas?

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