1.    How many books will there be in the series?
I don’t know at this stage – but at least three or four.

2.    Will there be more stories about Vixen and Dasher?
I hope so – they still have a lot of adventures to go. Things are going to get really bad for them.

3.    Will there be more stories about the evil elf queen, Grimula?
Oh yes. My favourite characters are the wicked ones, and Grimula can be really wicked. I can’t wait to write more about her [evil laughter!].

4.    What inspired you to become an author?
I always loved books and reading, and after a while I knew that I just had to have a go at writing a book. And I loved storytelling so much, I never stopped.

5.    What’s your most successful book?
A Shadow on the Glass, which is the first book of a long fantasy series for readers 14 and older. The series has been published all over the world and has sold more than a million copies.

6.    Where do you get the ideas for your books?
Everywhere: going for a walk, reading the paper, lying in bed staring at the ceiling. Ideas are everywhere – I have enough for a dozen lifetimes.

7.    Do you write on a computer or by hand?
I write all my books on a computer, and have done so for about 15 years. But I sometimes do the first story plan on paper. And I often print out a draft and edit it on paper – it’s easier to see what’s wrong with it that way.

8.    How long does it take to write a book?
Depends how long the book is. My really long books for older readers can take a year or more. It took me about two weeks to write the first draft of The Last Christmas but there was a lot of planning before that, I’ve done many drafts since. All up, counting planning, this book was more than six months work.

9.    Do you plan your books first, or just start writing them?
I used to just start writing them but these days I do a lot of planning first.

10.    When do you write, and where?
I have a nice office upstairs at home and I mostly write there. I go to my office every morning and start writing about 8 am. But sometimes I start much earlier, at 5 am. 

11.    What’s your favourite book, of all the books you’ve written?
It’s usually the last book I’ve written. In this case, it’s The Last Christmas.

12.    Who’s your favourite author?
I don’t have a favourite author. I like lots of authors. For kids’ books two of my favourites are JK Rowling and Roald Dahl.

13.    How did you become an author?
I wrote a series of 4 books called The View from the Mirror, which begins with A Shadow on the Glass. I kept revising these books, and sending them to publishers, until Penguin Books decided to publish them. That was back in 1996.

14.    What advice do you have for people who want to become authors?
It’s very hard to get published. And hard to sell many books when you finally do get published. You have to work very hard to learn the art of storytelling because it isn’t the best writers who succeed – it’s the best storytellers.

15.    What do you do when you’re not writing?
I read books, garden, and think.


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